Puffin (tape MC) + digital
[Daniel Zorzano]


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„Hello Girls and Boys!

Today we’re going to make music.
Happy music, and sad music.
Funny music, and serious music.
Music that has many of the feelings we have.
so get your instruments, and come along with me.
Let’s put some of our feelings into music!”

Pink tape cassete released in limited edition: 50 casettes
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  1. Jordi (07:32)
  2. Puffin (06:58)
  3. Impatience (07:14)
  4. Nun Mem Mem (06:52)
  5. Matemito (08:03)
  6. Amber (08:32)

Release date: 6XI 2020
music type: electronic, house-electronic, techno, deep techno,house-deep, minimal, techno electro

Special thanks to all who supported me during my work as an artist, to Anna, Marek, and especially to Zosia and Arek, and of course to my parents for their love. This first album is the beginning of a dream that came true and would not be possible without their and your support.
Produced, recorded, engineered and mixed by Daniel Zorzano
Instruments used in whole album KORG RADIAS, ROLAND TR-8S and ROLAND TR-8 and mixed and produce in ABLETON SUITE 10
Mastering by Piotr Mazurek | Studio Diamentowy Pies, Warsaw | diamentowypies.pl
Voice in Jordi is from educational recording Lets Learn About MusicCover and design: offenbarung
Photo: Mejk Studio, Marta Wincencjusz
logo: Ewa Browarczyk
Project support: Fundacja Art and Progress
Booking and contact: daniel.zorzano@offenbarung.pl